Vancouver Half Marathon 2022

As summer unfolds in Vancouver, different big tournaments take place one by one. One of the most popular events is the Vancouver Half Marathon. It features races with a Half Marathon and a 10KM route. Tens of thousands of runners gathered at the Museum of Vancouver under the morning sun, witnessing the birth of the new top finishers.


In fact, this was the first time I took Marathon photos in Vancouver. In the past decade, I was in Hong Kong and had coordinated the photography service of the Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon for many years. Just as before, I felt so lucky and proud to be one of the official photographers of this important marathon event. I was assigned the spot of the start/finish line. As for equipment, I had the camera CANON R6 (24-105mm) and the lens CANON 5D MK4 (70-200mm). I set the shutter speed to 1/500 of a second and AL Servo mode was adopted for focusing. 

This was a vibrant and refreshing sports event. It was without doubt that both runners and cheerers enjoyed the pleasure of this tournament very much. There was one thing I found incredibly impressive and would like to clap for the organizer —- When the runners reached the finish line, the event staff would try their best to call out the names of ALL runners and where they came from (Sometimes, they even shouted out their age!). This had indirectly cheered up the runners! Maybe because of this reason, every runner was wearing a beautiful smile with their souls in high spirits when they crossed the finish line. This was indeed very helpful when you tried to catch their array of emotions with your camera.

Event Photo by Dennis Tsang

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