The founder

Dennis Tsang (Club Founder)

Dennis Tsang, the venture’s founder, founded one of the three biggest online photography clubs in Hong Kong, his hometown, which had about 3,000 members at the peak time, over a span of 10 years. The photography club organized over 150 photography events in addition to seminars, competitions, and exhibitions. Dennis is good at capturing the beauty of nature in his daily life and the intense emotions of athletes. He has 20-year partnership and cooperation with Marathon Photos, a global sports stock photography firm based in New Zealand, and being the coordinator of the designated photography service of the Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon. 

By serving as a columnist in various photography magazines in the past, Dennis has built close contacts and an extended network with a number of prestigious photography brands such as Adobe, Nikon, Canon, Epson. Apart from his pursuit of photography, Dennis has been an IT specialist, in the field of big data technology, in the government of Hong Kong and a number of investment banks, such as JP Morgan, for over 20 years.

Dennis's Photo Exhibition (2006)

Dennis's e-learning clips (2009) in Cantonese (HK Adobe Guest Speaker)

Dennis's articles and interview (Partial)