Photography Class 2022 (Lesson #1)

I was invited by the Vancouver Shunde Benevolent Association (VSBA) again to be the instructor of their 4-week photography class (scheduled on four consecutive Saturdays). The first class had already been held on June 25, 2022. As the members of VSBA were in wide ranges of age, for course materials, I had selected some generic photography topics that all ages could enjoy and understand. Furthermore, two outdoor photography workshops were included in the course. My purpose was to encourage participants to apply what they had learnt and to pique their interests in photography.

“Practicality” was one of the big principles of this photography class, therefore, in the first lesson, apart from a brief explanation of some basic concepts of photography, I had added a session on how to create one’s own PR photo. Every participant was given a chance to shoot his/her Photo ID on site and he/she could then turn it to a PR Photo 5cm X 7cm in Photoshop. On-site printing had also been arranged too.

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