Photography Class 2022 (Lesson #4)

Learning needs to go hand in hand with practice. We have finally come to the last lesson of our photography class.

Today, we visited the Garry Point Park and the Fisherman’s Wharf, two most famous tourist attractions in Richmond, to practice street photography. There were no specific themes for this kind of photography. You just needed to take photos of the things that interested you and it could be done anywhere.

For taking snapshot photos, I would suggest using more of the zoom lens. As the scenes or objects that you were going to shoot could be distant or close, it would be more flexible to use Zoom lens. In this final lesson, we had practiced how to adjust the EV value effectively in particular. With the strength of digital camera, one could adjust the photo brightness in seconds. The purpose of this practice was to help participants get more familiar with their own cameras, hence they could make more use of the camera settings and produced more awesome pictures with correct brightness

After these four very brief lessons, perhaps we cannot still be able to master all the functionalities of a camera. However, I am very impressed that all participants have been very committed. They have tried very diligently on how to take good pictures and how to identify suitable photography locations. There have also been very engaging interactions among them. 

I believe, with what they have learnt in the past four lessons, their photography skills have already been improved to a certain extent. I do hope that all participants can use their cameras to record down visually the important and memorable moments in their lives. With more attempts and practices, I am sure that they can make very obvious improvement in their photography techniques in future.

Students photo works and event photo

Photography Class 2022 (Lesson #4)

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