Photography Class 2022 (Lesson #3)

After the outdoor photography tour in Lesson 2, we had come to the most practical part of the whole course – how to use Digital Darkroom (Photoshop and Photoshop Element) to polish a photo. I had served as the Guest Speaker of Adobe (HK) in the past and had accumulated over 20-year of experience in using Photoshop. I was without doubt very rich in practical experience. In this lesson, I tried to explain to participants a range of topics in greater details, including photography techniques, concepts of light source, demonstration of photo composition and post processing of photos in a digital environment.

In the second half of the lesson, we revisited the photos that participants took in the second lesson (that is, those pictures taken in the photography tour). I had also picked a few photos from the participants on site to demonstrate the techniques of photo editing.

Digital Darkroom had a wide spectrum of practical features. In this very brief lesson, which was only 2 hours long, I successfully demonstrated its 7 most fundamental techniques, namely [adjusting color temperature], [adjusting exposure], [adjusting composition], [quick remove], [color replace], [filter effect] and [transform object]. Since practical experience was of paramount importance, I had made use of the photo-editing techniques in Photoshop to help highlight the main theme of some selected photos. The sets of photos on the left had showcased the key points of my demonstration.

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