Photography Class 2022 (Lesson #2)

Coming to the second lesson, we tried to apply what we had learnt in the first lesson. I had picked the spectacular destination of Iona Beach Regional Park of Richmond, located west and north of the Vancouver International Airport, as the main venue of our 2-hour photography tour. Iona Beach Regional Park was a wonderful spot for landscape photography. 

Not only could you see aircrafts taking off from a distance, but you could also take pictures of the beautiful dyke along the shoreline and the natural wildlife at the border between land and sea (such as wild plants and birds). If you came here in late afternoon, this would also be an excellent place for you to capture the breathtaking moments of a gorgeous sunset.

In our very short two-hour photography tour, we focused on the mastery of our own photography gear, such as practicing how to use [ A Aperture Priority], [S Shutter-Priority Mode] and how to choose [The Right Photography Background]. All participants had ample chances to apply what they had learnt in their own photographic works. At the end of the tour, I made copies of the photos of all participants. In Lesson Three, I would use these photos to demonstrate how they could edit the images in Adobe Photoshop.

Photography Class 2022 (Lesson #2)

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