Photo tones

Video Lesson

Photo Tones (4:49) by Dennis Tsang

Apart from photo composition, color has played an extremely important role in a photographic work. There are two main broad color families: warm color and cool color. Visual effect can be incredibly strengthened if the color combinations fit well with the photo subjects. You can of course enhance or alter the photo colors during the post-processing stage.

On the other hand, you can give a try to filters in different colors (such as blue, green, dark brown) during the first phase of shooting. This will allow you to witness the direct impact of a particular enhanced color in your photo, nevertheless, in this digital era, this method might be considered as out of fashion.

Other than processing full color photos, the use of red/orange and yellow filters in black and white photography can produce an alteration of color contrast with different degrees. If color contrast is used appropriately, you will be able to enhance the mood of your photos. It is apparent that, with the prevalence of digital photography, a wide array of picture effects has been changed completely.