Sport photography

Video Lesson

Sport Photography (2:39) by Dennis Tsang

Sports photography requires not only faster shutter speeds, but also quick and accurate focusing. As there is not much time for you to ponder over the photo composition, the habit of quick photography composition is perhaps one of the basic skills that a photographer needs to master. In fact, the simplest way to achieve a well-composed image is to put your subject, that is, the athlete, in the center.

Keep in mind that different sports require different shutter speeds. As a photographer, make sure you have studied the relevant information beforehand, and you are clear about the flight paths of varying athletic events. As such, you should know when to press the shutter button. Some sports such as car racing and ball games require exceptionally high shutter speeds, usually 1/1000s or above. Burst mode is highly recommended. For example, if you wish to capture the moment of which a tennis player hits the ball, try to press the shutter button for a few shots in quick succession before he/she makes the stroke. As for gear, long focal length lens is suggested in the majority of cases.