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Landscape Photography (3:38) by Dennis Tsang

Landscape photography is undoubtedly a popular genre that every photographer must have pursued. You don’t need a prior appointment with the models, nor do you need to worry about the weather. You just need to grab your camera and you can then start shooting anywhere. If you have self-expectation, what you need is a very mild preparation, and it is very likely that you will then be able to get a photoshoot that you find more visually pleasing. Below are a few points for your consideration and I hope they can help you make a leap in your photography skills.

(1) Wide-angle lens and small aperture are suggested for landscape photography in most circumstances. If you are not using AUTO-ISO (and that you prefer a lower ISO to reduce noise interference), a very slow shutter speed will usually be applied. A particular example is, when you try to take some stunning waterfall photos and it is the silky, cotton-candy water that you’re after, you will need an extremely slow shutter speed and a stable tripod will be your indispensable companion.

(2) If you prefer getting your shots right in the field and post-processing is not your cup of tea (e.g. Photoshop), you can make good use of the color setting inside your camera to give enhanced sharpness to your photos. You can also use the Polarizer Filter to reduce the unnecessary reflections (for example, water surface, snow surface and glass, etc.) so to boost up the color solidity indirectly.

(3) It is vital to keep both the subject and composition simple and clear in landscape photography. Regardless of whether you are using the rule of thirds, or considering different shapes in composition, it is not a good idea for the lines in your photos to be over messy and scattered. Simply put, composition greatly affects what the photo is trying to express, and it can guide viewers through on understanding the key message of the photos.

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