Honda Celebration of Light 2022

Entering July, in addition to Canada Day, which is celebrated all over the Canada, Vancouver will hold a fireworks contest at the end of July every year, inviting different fireworks teams from all over the world to perform in the English Bay. This year, the participating teams are Japan, Canada and Spain. Dennis, who likes shooting fireworks, has many years of experience in shooting fireworks. Although he changed the location to shoot this year, he did not miss the opportunity to shoot special subjects.

Before shooting the subject, we must first understand the shooting location and shooting time and sunset time and location, choose the best shooting point. Since I am participating in this event for the first time, I want to see the scale of the fireworks event this year. The shooting point chose the English Bay Beach, the closest shooting point to the fireworks boat, and the distance from the fireworks release point. About 500 meters or so.

In terms of shooting equipment, in addition to the on-site filming (OSMO POCKET 2), I also brought two cameras to take photos.

(1) Canon 5D MK4 + AF50mm f1.8 (handheld)
(2) Canon R6 + RF16mm f2 .8 (Using a tripod)

This time I tried two different shooting methods, the first is the 5D MK4 with a super-large aperture 50mm lens, when the aperture is fully opened, the aperture is set first, and the fireworks are held in hand and press the shutter to shoot. In addition, I also controlled another camera R6 with a 16mm ultra-wide-angle lens, fixed it with a tripod, used a shutter time of 5 seconds, slightly increased the exposure by one step, and shot in the shutter-priority mode.

When shooting fireworks, I usually Exposure time of no more than 10 seconds, because the light from the fireworks draws lines in the photo, if the exposure time is too long, the picture presented in the photo is likely to be quite messy, and an exposure time of 5 to 10 seconds is an ideal setting.

Before the fireworks show, there are large-scale celebrations near ENGLISH BAY, airplane fancy performances, singing performances, and many game booths. The venue, feel the lively atmosphere of the scene.

Other event photos from Dennis

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