Fairchild Radio Interview

Thirty years ago, when Dennis was still a college student, Dennis was already a very active member on the school campus in UK. In addition to managing the affairs of the [Chinese Society], Dennis also joined the campus radio and broadcasting team and served the campus for every Chinese in the university campus, during his three-year college life, he hosted a number of radio programs such as [Music puzzle] and [On a dusk road], and has since established a group of supporters. 

(1992) Dennis 在 University Radio Essex 主持音樂節目

Today, 30 years later, although Dennis has being in a different place, through the introduction of a friend, I never expected to have the opportunity to step into the radio station again. But this time I am not as a host, but as an interviewee [Story of Vancouverites]. This program is in MINI VAN session on Wednesdays from 3:20PM to 4:00PM. The show is mainly about interviewing some Hong Kongers who have immigrated here. Dennis has the honor of being one of the interviewed guests, it feels very special, but grateful.

In the program, Dennis not only shared some new experiences, but also took the opportunity to introduce PHOTO ON NET. After all, Dennis wishes in Canada is to re-establish the PHOTO ON NET platform. Mainly serve the following three types of people:

(1) I want to sell my works on the online platform or simply share my works
(2) I am a photographer and want to promote my services on the online platform
(3) Photographers want to share or sell his own photography teaching materials


Dennis praised Vancouver for its good environment and dense population, making it an ideal base for all entrepreneurs. The program host Sam also encouraged Dennis to continue to work hard and constantly break through his own boundaries for PHOTO ON NET to make it even success.

Dennis's interview session : 7 SEP 2022 AM1470 Mini Van ( Vancouver time 3:20pm - 4:00pm)

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