Entering the fall, the weather starts to get cooler, and almost all running events will be held before winter, and one of the more people participating will definitely be the Eastside 10k event. This annual event attracts many people Thousands of runners gathered in Downtown Vancouver. The race started from Gas Town at 8:30 in the morning, ran 5 kilometers eastward to East Van and then turned back, with a total of 10 kilometers. The fastest runner in this type of event can complete the entire race in half an hour. The race, which is completed within one hour and forty-five minutes, is a short-distance race.

In order to be able to photograph every participant, we set five or six shooting points before and after the finish line, and also set a photo shooting point in the middle of the race route. Dennis was assigned to shoot about five meters after the finish line. Use shutter priority 1/400sec, AI servo focus mode, and use 24-105mm lens to shoot upright. Because the end point is a backlit position, Dennis set the exposure compensation +1EV shooting. 

Today’s technology is developing rapidly, every conference photographer All cameras are connected to a Photo LiveBox, and all the photos taken can be transferred to the Internet in real time for all runners to browse and download.

Eastside 10k 2022 event photo by Dennis

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