Canada Day 2022

Canada Turns 155 Years

July First was Canada Day and there were celebrations everywhere. July First was a lovely sunny day which was perfect for photography. You would definitely regret if you stayed indoors without taking any pictures. As suggested by friends, we first took part in the 75th Steveston Salmon Festival which returned in-person this year after a suspension of two years. 

As observed, there were about thousands of participants joining this joyous celebration. People were just celebrating Canada Day everywhere in the community, from visiting the cannery historic site which vividly showcased the fascinating history of salmon canning to enjoying a free music show or visiting a lively local market. There was laughter on every corner, sharing the happy moments on the birthday of this country.

Vancouver downtown (5PM)

Canada Day celebrations took place throughout the country. On that day in the afternoon, there was a large concert in downtown Vancouver which had featured Johnny Reid, a very popular singer in Canada. As most photos had to be taken outdoors during daytime, I had chosen a light lens, that is Canon RF 100-400 f5.6-f8 IS. Since the space for taking photos was small and narrow, tripod was not an option. I planned to stay long for shooting more good pictures, therefore, as mentioned, I had chosen a light lens. As for focal length, it was set to be about 20 meters and the shutter speed of 1/500 of a second or above was used. For moving objects, AI Servo was adopted. The effect was wonderful! Here are some of my selected works:

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